Looking to Brand Your Company? Facebook Can Help

Many college students are accustomed to using Facebook, the social network site created by Mark Zuckerberg during his undergraduate years at Harvard University, for keeping in touch with friends, sharing pictures and creating event invitations. No longer are formal calls or hand-written cards necessary–Facebook does all that work for you.


Today, older adults and professionals are also using Facebook for their own personal or professional needs. My mother (who, no offense, is not the most technologically-savvy person in the world) even uses it to get in touch with friends from high school and college. The fact that being “friends” with me on the site means she can check up on what I’m doing at anytime is just an added bonus.

With the high rise in popularity of Facebook, and its capabilities exceeding far beyond anything the simplistic model the original version held, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Facebook can be used in a professional settings to advance businesses. An interesting article from Social Media Today highlights the ways Facebook can help entrepreneurs build their brand. The article gives entrepreneurs advice on how to create a professional persona on the site, by maintaining a “limited profile”  with a designated area that allows one to tell their entrepreneurial story and has links to their business website. The article also advises that individuals turn their “About Me” and “Work Info” sections into segments of self-promotion:

“Treat those areas as more of an advertisement than personal content.”

One entrepreneurial business I have been following is Brewspy, a website created by Northeastern student Tyler Smith, a senior finance major. Brewspy.com features bar deals and discounts throughout the Boston area, helping college students to reduce the financial strain of going out in an expensive city.

The Facebook page for Brewspy is proficient and professional, yet keeps a fun, personal feel at the same time. The Facebook page includes a brief description of the company’s cause, and links to Brewspy’s Twitter page and the company’s home page. I think it’s a perfect example of how entrepreneurs and young professionals can use Facebook to publicize and brand their business–Brewspy’s Facebook page has 1,830 fans, making it a perfect place to promote company news and information.


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