Obama Gives a Shout-Out to Entrepreneurs in SOTU

Entrepreneurs got a big “thumbs up” from President Obama during the State of the Union address on Tuesday night, motivating entrepreneurs and small business owners to continue turning their ideas into successful companies. Those in need of a recap online can refer to this article from the Entrepreneur Daily Dose that breaks down what Obama had to say regarding entrepreneurialism.

Among Obama’s discussion about investment in biomedical research and clean energy technology, as well as defending the health care law, most viewers were most interested in what he had to say about economic recovery. To address the failing economy, Obama recalled the 1950s “space race” which created millions of jobs through new spending in research and education, citing it the “Sputnik moment” of our generation.

Also while addressing the issue of the struggling economy, Obama emphasized the role small-businesses and entrepreneurs aiming to create businesses could potentially have on the economy. ‘Small businesses can do big things‘ seemed to be the theme of the night.

“In America, innovation doesn’t just change our lives. It is how we make our living.”

Referring to the success of small-business owners (as many entrepreneurs are) as an important “measuring stick” that will help get the economy out of its slump, he went on to stress the opportunities Americans have, and the potential for Americans to turn their ideas into profitable businesses (that can, in turn, help jump-start the economy).

“We measure the progress by the success of our people. By the jobs they can find and the quality of life those jobs offer. By the prospects of a small business owner who dreams of turning a good idea into a thriving enterprise. By the opportunities for a better life that we pass on to our children.

He then went on to motivate Americans who have big ideas even more, stating that America has more inventors and entrepreneurs who are creating successful companies, gaining grants and being awarded patents than any other country. And that, is why it is a great time to be an entrepreneur — even the president thinks so!

Photo credit to Robert Couse-Baker


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