Igniting Ideas at Boston 8

Ever been to a conference where you wish the presenter would just get to the point already?

Perhaps we all have. However, at “Boston 8 — Globate Ignite,” held at Microsoft New England’s Research and Development office tonight (Monday, Feb. 7), long and boring presentations did not exist.

Why? Because each presenter was only allowed five minutes to get across what he or she wanted to say. They had the opportunity to present 20 slides that automatically advanced every 15 seconds. So no matter what, their time with the microphone was short and concise.

Click here for more photos from Boston 8, 2011

Click the image for more photos from Boston 8, 2011

Boston 8 is part of a larger initiative through Global Ignite week. From February 7-11, over 100 cities will host Ignite events, made possible by community volunteers. Technologists, entrepreneurs, DIYers and creative  professionals have the opportunity to speak and listen to one another’s innovative ideas.

This year’s presenters in Boston included presentations about “Conception, Pregnancy, Labor, Deliver and Infants (For Geeks)” by Jacob Buckley-Fortin and “How to Start a Summer Camp,” delivered by Katie Gradowski.

Evan Sietz, 28, a disaster recovery planner,  said he heard about Boston 8 from a friend and thought it was a fun way to see what’s going on in the startup community in Boston. He said Boston is a great place to begin getting involved in entrepreneurship and startups.

Another attendee, JD Doyle, 42, heard about the event on Twitter and is looking to network with others interested in startups.

“I’ve been in the mobile communications industry for awhile and just left my company. If there’s any time to create a startup [company], nows the time to do it,” he said.


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