More Grilled Cheese, Please — Via Twitter!

You’ve heard of hot dog stands, pretzel stands and coffee stands. Venues like these have become popular in concert venues, train stations, airports and even out on the street. But have you ever heard of a cheese stand?

Whether you have heard of one or not, Cheeseboy in South Station is proof that cheese stands do exist. Well, grilled cheese stands.

Cheeseboy  specializes in grilling up and serving out every kind of cheese sandwich possible, with all the amenities you could ask for–tomato, bacon, lettuce, ham, basil, ect.

Today, I went to Cheeseboy in South Station for the very first time. I heard about it from my friend Frank, who mentioned he couldn’t wait to get a Cheeseboy grilled cheese sandwich before leaving South Station the day he took a Bolt Bus home for President’s Day weekend.

After a brief Google search, I came across an article from detailing the origins of Cheeseboy. Turns out, Cheeseboy is the product of an entrepreneur! Michael Inwald, 30, founder of the venue, believes the grilled cheese sandwich is “part of national culture.”

A second article I found from describes Cheeseboy as a “twist” on the standard burger-and-fries or fried chicken fast food venue. And it is. Americans love grilled cheese, and it only took one bright mind to realize that specializing in grilled cheese could be a great business opportunity.

Personally, I think it’s a great idea — Who doesn’t love grilled cheese?! So today, instead of making a boring sandwich or having a soggy bowl of cereal in my apartment, I ventured over to South Station.

Cheeseboy is smack-dab in the middle of South Station, directly under and to the left of the giant digital time board that posts all of the departure times of the different trains and buses that leave from the station in the main concourse. There was already a good amount of people waiting in line, and even more waiting at the pick-up line to grab their orders. However, service was quick. Cheeseboy does have a bigger menu than you might think, due to its limited focus on grilled cheese.

I walked around a bit and talked to some of the people in line before ordering my lunch: A “Classic” grilled cheese sandwich (valued at $2.99) with some tomato (an extra .49 cents) and a bottle of water. Lunch for under $6? What a great deal!

Nick Celano, 22, was traveling for his spring break and in line for Cheeseboy. He said he was getting a “Make Your Own” sandwich with multigrain bread and cheddar and monster cheese.

“I think it’s awesome,” Celano said about Cheeseboy. He went on to talk about how grilled cheese is a great travel option, because unlike other sandwiches or fast food burgers, it’s hard for grilled cheese to fall apart.

Once I got my sandwich, I ate it pretty quickly. It came in a neat little box, but you could see the grease from the outside! Not my healthiest meal this week.

The taste was definitely worth it, though. I wasn’t completely full after finishing, but I figured one grilled cheese sandwich was enough for then, and if I needed more food I could get a snack later.

Below are my live-tweets from my trip to South Station and my first experience with Cheeseboy. You can look at my Twitter feed @ekelly89, too. I definitely recommend grabbing a grilled cheese before any bus or train trip leaving from South Station you may have in the future!


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