Greenhorn Connect Round 2

Since this blog was created primarily as a tool for my Reinventing the News class, I must now share with you all what I am planning to do as my final project for the course. I can’t believe that it’s already time to start thinking about finals, but due to Northeastern’s wacky schedule, there is only about 6 weeks (or less?) left in the semester.

The final projects requires a feature story–in addition to creating a slide show, video and social media component–about an aspect of digital media. For my final project, I want to return on to a subject I visited earlier in the semester: Greenhorn Connect.

If you read my earlier post on Greenhorn Connect, you would know that Greenhorn Connect is a community website that helps to build connections within the Boston entrepreneur ecosystem. The site features resources, events and even lists available jobs in the Boston area relevant to entrepreneurs. It’s mission is “to deliver relevant content to entrepreneurs and help channel the energy and enthusiasm of ‘greenhorns.’” Their term of ‘greenhorns’ refer to are newcomers, or in other words, entrepreneurs.

I think for my project, I would like to write a profile on the founders of the site, Ashkan Afkhami and Jason Evanish, as well as their associates Pardees Safizadeh and Ian Stanczyk, about how they came up with the site, what they are doing with the site as well as what they plan to do with it in the future.

I would love to analyze and profile the way the founders and associates use the website as well as social media to inform entrepreneurs and those interesting in entrepreneurship about events, resources and different ways to network in the Boston community relevant to their needs and interests. I believe I could get video interviews with some of these people of Greenhorn Connect, because they are local, and perhaps a slideshow could be used to show a member of the team covering an event, or showcasing their business at an exhibit (which is actually how I first came in contact with the group, at NEXPO 2011). The social media component could focus on how the team uses Twitter to publicize their website and get their information out to the public.

Although I have already told you a great deal about Greenhorn Connect, I’m very excited to dive in, dig deeper, and provide you with even more information about the site in general as well as the founders and their ideas and plans for the future.


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