Designing Entrepreneurship

Last week I interviewed Jennifer Chen, a fashion entrepreneur at Northeastern, for an feature article that came out in the Huntington News.

Jennifer Chen Wearing One of Her Original Designs, Photo Credit to Iggy Barskov

Chen has designed and created her own business, “Expression by Jennifer Chen,” a multi-faceted business that aims to cater to all aspects of the fashion industry, like coaching models, fashion design and event planning. Chen will showcase her newest designs (from her line, ‘Becoming Me’) at the 3rd annual Unity Fashion Show on March 25, held in the Curry Student Center Ballroom.

Chen explained how her experience in classes as business major with a dual concentration in marketing and accounting and on co op helped her develop and market her line and brand. However, she doesn’t design clothes just for the money, and she doesn’t want to make a career out of fashion design: She does it because she has a passion for art.

In our interview, she said. “Through ‘Expression by Jennifer Chen,’ my goal is to show the public there’s still an artistry in fashion. There’s still a craft in fashion, there’s still an element to it that makes it a form of art.”

Yet Chen is still, in her own unique way, an entrepreneur. She is using her own experiences to create something new and different, as well as making a name for herself. While she may not want to become a professional fashion designer, she has created, and is sustaining, her own business, all while she is still attending school. Check out the article here.


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