Socially Awkward Fits Niche College Market

This week I thought I’d share a fun (to some, hilarious) project with you that my friend from high school has been working on.

Ricky Ryan and Blake Rice, both undergraduate students at Rowan University, have teamed up to create Socially Awkward, a new television show that parodies everything from the ups and downs of college life, to Morgan Freeman movies, to bodily fluids (yes, bodily fluids).

Socially Awkward, which consists of 30-minute episodes (really only 20 minutes, but 30 with commercials), has premiered only on the Rowan Television Network (RTN) to date, but many “teasers” have been posted on the Socially Awkward YouTube channel as well as their Facebook page.

In their teasers and sketches, you can watch Ryan and Rice pose as newscasters on Socially Awkward News to explain the “new craze” also known as “grinding” that is taking over college campuses. You can also watch “Bodily Fluids,” an Alcoholics Anonymous-like meeting where all the different bodily fluids in human-form (Blood, Tears, Phlegm, Earwax, Feces and even Semen), gather together to discus “orders of the day,” like Phlegm’s concern that people are “spitting him out” all the time. Thier newest teaser, about two campus security officers who think they’re real police officers (completing their official personas with mustaches and Boston accents), reminded me of the two goofy cops from Superbad–with an awkward twist.

Lef to Right: Ricky Ryan and Blake Rice of Socially Awkward

I think the themes they deal with are really relatable–and hilarious–to college students across campuses everywhere, and I think Rice and Ryan may have found a niche market that has been unexplored. Sure, Saturday Night Live is full of improvisational skits and awkward role-playing, but SociallyAwkward is for college students, made by college students. The humor is gross, crude, and just plain weird at times, but that’s what keeps it interesting. While their niche may change after Rice and Ryan graduate from Rowan, for now these guys are right where they should be.

Although Rice and Ricky may not be traditional entrepreneurs, they are exploring a new idea, creating a new genre of television, using social media to promote themselves, and making a whole lot of people laugh in the process. I’m excited to see what else they come up with, and hope you check out their YouTube channel to see their other sketches and previews, too.


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