Global voices: Reporting on the Blogosphere

On Tuesday, Firuzeh Shokooh Valle of Global Voices visited my Reinventing the News class with Professor Dan Kennedy. Valle is a Northeastern alum from Puerto Rico, and previously took the Reinventing the News course I am enrolled in now with Professor Dan Kennedy.

She explained that she became familiar with Global Voices while taking Reinventing the News, and realized their lack of a Puerto Rican reporter. She contacted Global Voices, and eventually become part of their staff.

Today, Valle is a graduate student and (according to her online contributor profile for Global Voices) specializes in the coverage of human rights issues, mainly violence against women and children, the LGBT community, poverty, racism, and immigration.

Valle talked about what Global Voices does, and that is covering “virtual conversation,” or what individuals are posting and saying about a specific event online. I think its really interesting, and important, that Global Voices covers these individual opinions, because typically these individuals are experiencing these events firsthand, and it is valuable to learn and understand how different people feel about certain events. This kind of reporting, or aggregating sources, also sheds light on the indiviudal voice of people in different areas of the country, prompting more people to blog and share their thoughts and opinions. It also allows journalists to get information about events without actually being in the specific location that the event is taking place. In a way, this reporting on the virtual community, or blogosphere, is actually a form of crowdsourcing, which I think is something that will become more and more prevalent as people increase their use of social media.

Valle also spoke about Global Voices’ impact on the recent uprising in Egypt, detailing how traffic has exploded and more and more individuals are coming to Global Voices to get their information first-hand from individuals experiencing what is going on in Egypt.

“Instead of looking elsewhere for opinions, Global Voices gives you opinions in an organized way,” Valle said.

 I found it really interesting that Valle was in the very position I am in now when she realized the potential she had to work for Global Voices. It makes me excited to know that any day, I could see my own potential in some website or site, and reach out to it, eventually forming a career and/or making a name for myself.

Photo Credit to Wfryer of Flickr


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