GoDaddy Founder Not So Fatherly?

Today I had to run ten excruciating miles on a treadmill because I am training for a half marathon. Typically, I like to enjoy these long, painful runs outdoors, but due to the rain I opted to put in the miles at Northeastern’s Bager & Rosen Center, a.k.a. the smaller gym on campus. The good thing about the treadmills there is that they have mini television sets attached to them, which offers a bit of a distraction to the pound-pound-pound of my feet underneath me.

Though there is no sound on these TVs, I typically turn the channel to CNN and read the scrolling updates on the bottom of the screen, and today I was especially surprised at what I read: The Founder of GoDaddy is under fire for killing an elephant.

I found this to be a peculiar update that led to many questions. Why was this startup founder out killing elephants?

Once I got home, I did some research: Apparently Bob Parsons was trying to help starving people in and stop elephants from destroying crops in Africa (he defended himself via Twitter). While I think this is an important issue, I also pity the life of the elephant.

However, I figured I’d write a bit more about GoDaddy and its founder while I was doing my research.

GoDaddy Founder, Bob Parsons is the world’s largest domain name registrar and is the main company of The Go Daddy Group, Inc. GoDaddy was founded by Bob Parsons in 1999, and has since grown to include more than 47 million domains under management. Parsons got his degree in accounting and originally founded Parsons Technology, a software development company that provided packaged financial and accounting software for home and small businesses.

It’s interesting (and a bit ironic?) that Parsons is an entrepreneur who created a domain name registrar, since so many other entrepreneurs are probably buying domain names from GoDaddy to start their businesses and give themselves an online presence. The popularity of GoDaddy also shows how easy technology has made it for businesses to buy and grow their own websites.

Though I hope Parsons does not go out and kill anymore elephants, I do think he must be recognized for his entrepreneurial success, as well as his efforts to make a political statement.


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