InstantNightlife – Instant Success?

Last week I attended an event at the Holt International Business School (which I will elaborate on more during a future post), where several startup company representatives had the opportunity to present their startup business and ideas to an audience of other entrepreneurs and those interested in entrepreneurship. After a five-minute presentation, the audience was allowed five minutes of questions and feedback, giving the lineup of presentations a collaborative element.

One startup I found particularly interesting was InstantNightlife (INL), a new mobile application founded by two MIT students who wanted to make going out easier for people in Boston.

While “going out” is supposed to be just a fun time, it can wind up being stressful if you don’t know where to go, end up waiting in line or are trying to meet up with your friends or a large group of people.

Photo Credit: Some rights reserved by *saxon*

InstantNightlife aims to reduce all these stresses and bring you back to just  having a good time.

What does it do? Basically, the mobile app (available for any smartphone users) allows users to see the current status of several popular Boston clubs before heading there, such as how long the line is and the girl-to-guy ratio once inside. App viewers can also find out if the dance floor will be packed once they get inside, and find out about real-time deals that only those with the app have access to. A bar can be a fun scene or a boring scene on any particular night, so it’s important to know what is going on at the venue in real-time.

Users can also interact via the application: You can find out where your friends are, and even buy or send them a drink if they at the same club as you.

The only problem is getting everyone to use smartphones. I personally don’t have one, so this app is a bit useless to me. However, I still think it’s a really cool idea and great mobile application that tons of college students and young professionals would want to use. The only critique is that the bars the app features right now all seem a bit pricey, and some college students just don’t have the funds for that.

To learn more, check out the InstantNightlife website, download the application for free, OR read this article from BostInnovation.


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