Class Trip to the Monitor

On Tuesday, I went on my very first class trip of my college career. As a junior, I didn’t really think class trips still exist, but fortunately in Professor Kennedy’s class, they do!

Where did we go, you may ask? Well, I’ll tell you.

We ventured a whole ten minutes away from the university and went to the Christian Science Monitor buildling on Massachusetts Avenue. We got to sit in on a morning meeting with the editors (cool!), explore the newsroom and ask a bunch of questions about the way the Monitor has evolved from a print edition published five days per week to its new, online-first model (The Monitor is still published in print weekly).

Getting to sit in at the morning meeting was definitely the coolest part of the trip. However, a morning meeting of editors was different than I thought–there was no urgency, no running around or hustle-and-bustle of a newsroom you sometimes see on television. But it was definitely interesting to hear what goes down at this type of meeting, such as discussing the stories they would be writing throughout the day and when it would be featured on the website. The editors and reporters also talked about what they would be putting on the “top left” of the site, or the articles that are featured most via Google.

Editor John Yemma talked about how their online readership has grown six-fold since they switched from a daily publication to an Internet-first model, as well as the need for audience participation on the website in forms of quizzes and picture slide shows to encourage audience engagement and interest.

See more photos from our class trip here!

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