Presenting Ventures and Successes at DemoCamp Boston

On April 6, I attended DemoCamp Boston at the Hult International Business School in Cambridge, Mass.

The event consisted of seven presentations of startup companies, as well as a kick-off speech by successful entrepreneur and president of Harkador Partners Brad Harkavy on “10 Things Entrepreneurs Should Know.”

What should entrepreneurs know, you may ask?

According to Harkavy:

  1. You are not the only one with your idea
  2. Timing is everything
  3. Secrecy rarely helps
  4. Your company will survive one or two direct hits
  5. Understand your market size (TAM)
  6. Media coverage is really fun, but also a huge distraction.
  7. Your business plan will change
  8. Patents are a marketing tool
  9. First to market is not enough
  10. More Oxygen in startup offices (a personal belief of Harkavy)

Representatives from startups peerTransfer, Rate It Green, InstantNightlife, DailyFeats, Innovation Nights, and Vizibility all had five minutes to present their venture, business plan and main goals and then had the chance to receive five minutes of feedback from the audience. After advice, critiques and ideas were exchanges, participants and audience members had the chance to stay, eat, drink and network with one another (which nearly everyone took advantage of).

Mariana Espinosa Kicked Off DemoCamp Boston with Hult dean Henrik Totterman. Click the photo for more.

The most interesting startup presented (in my opinion) was Vizibility, a company that uses SEO to enhance your visibility through Google searches. As a junior in college getting ready to apply to full-time jobs next May, I think this way of curating a top five list of Google links for myself would be a great way to help our future employers, as well as weed out any “bad” or “unhelpful” links individuals may get when they Google my name.


Networking Through Northeastern

You’ve heard it before: “It’s all about who you know.”

And whoever is telling you that, is right. Networking can help open doors, and even get your first foot inside. You just have to get your name out there and make yourself memorable.

The Northeastern Entrepreneurs Club is giving students a chance to shake hands and share ideas with leaders from entrepreneurial clubs and other individuals interested in entrepreneurship at “The Real Social Network,” tomorrow from 5-8 p.m. at the Venture Cafe in Cambridge.

Check out this article from BostInnovation to learn more about the event, and be sure to stop by if you can!