Northeastern Collegiettes Get Published

Every Sunday evening I go to the Curry Student Center and meet with several other female students at Northeastern. There, we discuss what is going on around campus and pitch ideas for stories to one another, trying to figure out what it is that the female population of Northeastern wants, or needs, to know. Once we come up with these ideas for stories and write them up, we can then post them online to the Northeastern branch of Her Campus, a national online magazine for college women.

From left: Karlee Stewart (Campus Secretary) and Rachel Kossman (Campus Coordinator)

Her Campus has a national home page, which serves as a hub for information, news and updates relevant to the interests of college women. With content on style, health, love, life and careers, the national site is supplemented by campus-specific content. The site individualizes its content college-by-college by establishing My Campus branches at schools across the country.

Created by three undergraduate Harvard students, Her Campus is the definition of an entrepreneurial venture. The founders, Stephanie Kaplan, Annie Wang and Windsor Hanger collaborated to create Her Campus and their idea was a winner in Harvard College’s business plan competition, the i3 Innovation Challenge, in March 2009. Since Her Campus’s launch in September 2009, the website has proven to be largely successful and now has campus branches

The founders (now graduates, except for Annie Wang, who has taken a leave of absence from Harvard) currently work in their office in Cambridge near Harvard University that was provided to them after winning the i3 Innovation Challenge. They have formed partnerships with Seventeen Magazine and The Huffington Post, and have been featured in The New York Times and The Boston Globe.

Northeastern's Her Campus Branch Website

100+ college across the country now have Her Campus branches, with new branches popping up every week. Readers of the site can enjoy new articles daily, and monthly giveaways. Kaplan has been featured on Fox25 News to talk about various subjects, including last week when she went to talk about the pros and cons of joining Greek Life. The women have been featured in Inc. Magazine’s 30 Under 30 Coolest Young EntrepreneursGlamour Magazine’s 20 Amazing Young Women, and The Boston Globe’s 25 Most Stylish Bostonians.

The group of women writing for Northeastern’s Her Campus branch (including myself) are also exhibiting a sense of entrepreneurialism. We meet each week to discuss our ideas and ways to make the website better, without any one authority member telling us what to do. We direct ourselves, without pay, to generate relevant and interesting content for the Northeastern community, and simultaneously create writing clips for ourselves. We strive to make our branch website better each week, gaining more website views inch-by-inch each month. By being a part of this particular venture, we are all adopting the spirit of entrepreneurialism, and learning more about what it takes to create a successful business: A good idea, knowledge of online content and a group of hard working individuals ready to make a difference.


From left: Sarah Moomaw and Jen Gorden (Campus Contributors) Peer Edit Articles